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Professional Tarot card readers, psychics, crystal ball readers and palm readers. Hire individuals or a group of performers for private parties, hens nights or adult entertainment for corporate parties, festivals, outdoor events, shopping malls, product launches, bohemian or carnival theme parties, or other functions and events.

Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia

Booking Details

Our talented Psychics can come dressed as Gypsy’s to fit your theme or simply as themselves. They are the real deal and very good at what they do.

Our lead Psychic Jacqui Lees won Psychic of the Year 2018 NSW by the Australian Psychic Association and recently did a very successful reading for Marcia and Demi Hines. Jacqui also recently filmed the “Conversations with Spirit” show which was filmed for European television networks. It was packed with people and highly successful.

Corporate Events

For corporate events we recommend having Jacqui to meet and greet guests with her tarot cards. This can be done as roving entertainment for the first hour as guests arrive. She will move from group to group and give 2 – 3 minute tarot card readings. For a standing cocktail party Jacqui can continue on with the roving readings for up to 3 hours.

Or you can set her up in a quiet area with a table and chairs and guests can come to her for a sit down 5 minute reading. If you have a large number of guests you will need more than just one Psychic as you don’t want your guests spending their time queueing all night!   Jacqui has a handful of hand selected Psychics who can work with her on the might to cater for large crowds.

Guide lines below.

Groups of up to 50 (1 Psychic)

Groups of 50 – 100 (2 or 3 Psychics)

Groups of 100+ (3 or 4 Psychics)

Hen’s Nights

Jacqui also is a hit at Hen’s parties. For Hen’s parties Jacqui can do an interactive seminar and demonstrations for the group using Psychometry (reading jewellery) and connecting with spirit. The time frame can be tailored to suit your event but 45 mins – 1 hour is usually the best fit. She can then do private 5 minute readings afterwards if you like. This format is suited to groups of up to 12 guests.

About Jacqui

Jacqui has over 30 years experience doing readings professionally, including celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, more recently Deni and Marcia Hines and many more. She has been invited by the police both here in Australia and Overseas in Europe and Africa to assist in solving murder and missing person’s cases. She has published two books one “A Complete Course in the Tarot’ and Book II ‘Psychic Development.’

Her compassionate understanding and incredible gifts of ‘the second sight’ have built her a popular undisputed reputation for accuracy in her readings for predictions for the past, present and future all of which her clients have given written testimonials in her credit as to her high levels of accuracy.

Call it ‘uncanny’ or unbelievable but Jacqui’s abilities go way beyond the normal senses we possess more toward the realms of the ‘Supernatural’ a world with which she is quite comfortable and at home. Jacqui says she will continue to work in this area as long as she can make a difference to people’s lives by giving them the answers to questions they have long searched for.

Jacqui and her friends are available for small personal parties (great fun for hen’s nights) through to Bohemian, Medieval and Carnival theme nights (yes, she loves to dress up), trade shows and product launches. Set her up at a table or let her rove amongst your guests. They’ll know exactly what is required – whether it’s a serious answer or just a whole lot of fun.

Her predictions are always given in an optimistic light. If there’s good coming your way, she’ll let you know. If there’s things that are not so good she may get you to keep an eye out for them so you can make a change in your choices to avoid it happening. It’s never set in concrete. Your future can always be changed by you.


"Firstly I wanted to say how amazing the women were last night. Everyone was absolutely blown away. Again – they were unbelievable."
Terri Martin, US Sydney
"I am constantly amazed with the detail that she is able to go into and the accuracy of her predictions! Her ability to see change and upcoming events is uncanny."
Jak Wyld, Naremburn
"Hi Sam thanks for following up! Went really well thank you –lots of people came to me during the evening and said they were amazingly spot on with what they were saying. I must say when I had my reading with her, she was pretty great! Thanks again for organizing, "
Raquel Inacio | National Recruiter, Senior Consultant, Avanade Australia Pty Ltd | Sydney
"I can honestly say that Jacqui's first reading change my life. ...Jacqui predicted many things that came true in my life... Thank you Jacqui you are brilliant. I will never forget you. "
Paula Jackson, UK
"I went and had my second reading and the things she told me were very definite and that they would be happening soon. Two months later things started falling into place exactly the way Jacqui had described in the reading. It blew me away at how accurate everything was. Everything was recorded on tape and my life was happening exactly the way she said it would. ...My life so far has been pretty much exactly as she predicted. "
Elena Guivarra, Sydney
"Jacqui is one of those rare being who is actually interested in others and wants to help and assist us through the maze of life. What a journey!" "
Cristina Harris, Sydney
"Our life has changed since having readings from you and your predictions are so amazingly accurate! You helped us through your insights with your incredible psychic gift to find the money we had thought we had lost forever and assisted us through a long battle with a Court case in which we could have lost everything ... You are an angel Jacqui and you walk here on earth with us! "
Fatima, Sydney

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