Flash Mob Waiters

Entertainment that will totally take your guests by surprise. Ideal for Conference dinners, Club events, Weddings, Birthday Parties and corporate events. Based Groups available in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane Australia.

Groups available in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane Australia.

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Flash Mob Waiters

An Evening to remember. Surprise your guests  with these unexpected surprisingly brilliant, under cover, dancing waiters. 

Your guests will have no idea what awaits them…they all thought it was just another dinner function! The evening will start off as usual, your guests completely comfortable that their evening will run in the usual format. Entree will be served, no different to any other standard corporate event or wedding. Then, our under-cover waiters will come out, and begin to work as waiters for a good 10 minutes or so, allowing the guests to have familiarized themselves with the staff. 

All of the sudden, a commotion occurs – are those Waiters really slacking off and chatting in front of guests, followed by a……BACKFLIP? What?  Who are these waiters? 

Please Note: The waiters will come dressed in black pants and a standard white shirt. Costuming is to be supplied by the client as per the catering company they are utilizing so they look the same. 

Dance Styles available

These Flash mob waiters can perform in a variety of dance styles:

  • Hip Hop
  • Break Dance
  • Contemporary
  • Salsa
  • Classical
  • Gatsby Jazz (1920s)
  • 1980s style ‘footloose’

*Styles vary to suit choice of song.

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