Kush Cabaret Performance Troupe

Professional Musicians and Circus performance troupe providing roving / strolling / roaming entertainment or a stunning feature show. Versatile entertainment for corporate functions, festivals, outdoor events, shopping malls, trade shows, theme parties, carnivals and similar events.

Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

Booking Details

Kush Cabaret is a group of professional performers and roving musicians with a more unusual bag of tricks in beautiful costumes.

Kush Cabaret Performance Troupe have proven their versatility playing at a wide range of functions from large outdoor events to stage shows through to corporate events and black tie dinners.

Kush Cabaret Performance Troupe is ideal for themed events. Just some examples are:

  • Moulin Rouge
  • Carnival
  • Mardi-Gras
  • Come to the Circus
  • Middle Eastern – Ali Baba  and Arabian Nights
  • Bohemian / Gypsy
  • French theme / 1930’s Berlin / Cafe society
  • Burlesque, turn of the century Paris


Show Ideas…

The Kush Circus

Balloon sculpting, Stilt walking, Clowns, Ribbon twirling, Fire eating and the circus band all in the one act! Let our musical circus entertain you playing your favourite carnival tunes in a blaze of hot pink fun. Instruments can include Clarinet, percussion, Ukulele and Piano Accordion offered as a Duo, trio or quartet. This is a great package for any family day or themed event.

Kush  Cabaret at the Carnival

Performing on the ground or up on stilts, these Dancers and Musicians play spontaneous Latin love songs incorporating Samba Percussion with a zany Carmen Miranda character dancing to the beat.

Kush can provide a range of Carnival Stilt Roving musical acts from 2-6 performers for an intimate walk around show to a full blown street parade. Let us put on our ruffles and feathers for you! Cha cha cha!

Kush Musical Maidens

In huge gorgeous costumes the musical maidens float above the crowd, playing their unique, exotic blend of popular classical, carnival and jazz music on clarinet and percussion.

Reminiscent of a gentler age, they interact and charm the audience with their divine music, politely quirky conversation, not to mention the occasional can-can!

From an outdoor festival to a formal dinner these beautiful Maidens (and occasional handsome Gent!) are suitable for all events. As a duo, trio or quartet, you will find this act a feast for the eyes and ears as they dazzle and delight audiences wherever they go.

Arabian Fantasy

Two friendly giants, Ali and Baba, entertain the crowds with their dynamic juggling and moustache twitching comedy on stilts, while their little harem players perform exotic Arabian inspired music.

Add more musicians or belly dancers as need be.

Roving Gypsy Musicians

Let Kush Cabaret create for you the atmosphere of a Cabaret Nightclub, right at your table, sometimes right on your laps! The Kush cast are all skilled roving entertainers taking with them their musical instruments, and fire, getting up close and personal, and then bursting into seemingly spontaneous choreographies to all your favourite tunes. This is a very special genre of live entertainment and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Roving routines include burlesque fan dancing, can-cans, tangos, fire eating & fire fakir, belly dancing with veil, sword and Candelabra, audience oom-pah pahs and general silliness.

Available as duo, trio or quartet on Clarinet, Violin, Percussion and Piano Accordion.

Kush Cabaret stage show

The Kush cabaret show is a scintillating, interactive stage production, suitable for all events, be it corporate, festival or private.

Four beautifully costumed musicians combine dance, circus skills and character performance with virtuoso musical talent, transporting the audience from the intimacy of a Parisian cafe, to a tango dance hall, to a Cairo night club, in a celebration of love, passion and humour.

Nifty costume changes, a bunch of tricks and splendid props, make for a show which is lots of fun. The audience is invited to play!

Meet the sweet and sultry Clarinetist who performs dare devil acts of fire eating, fire fakir and fire twirling. The dancing showgirl who flirts with her feather fans and belly dance routines, before joining the band with dynamic drumming. The dashing violinist, playing amongst the crowd, drawing the ladies into the romance behind his bow, and the cool charm of the piano accordionist, driving the music and it’s exciting gypsy burlesque sound, with a range of tunes, such as the tango ‘Boulevarde of Broken dreams’, the exotic ‘Miserlou’, and the rousing Brahms ‘Hungarian Dance’.

Adaptable show length 20 – 40 mins. P.A. hire available.

Hot Caravan

Hot Caravan is a spontaneous gypsy circus, set around a campfire, where musicians play exquisite music for dynamic fire and dance performances.

Cheeky burlesque, passionate gypsy dance, Parisian tangos and fiery flamenco all combined with skillful fire manipulation to create a unique show which is romantic sassy and fun.

Hot Caravan is a fabulous party and you’re all invited!

Routines include fire in the hands, fire eating trio, fire stick acro-balance, flamenco stick dance, fire club swinging duo, belly dancing and fan dancing

Music played on violin, clarinet, piano accordion, percussion, voice and guitar.

Cast of seven, 40 minute show.

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