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Professional Psychic for individual readings at parties, workshops or group Ghost Hunts. Ideal for private parties, hens nights, roving entertainment for corporate parties, festivals, outdoor events, bohemian or carnival theme parties, social clubs and team building.

Wellington, New Zealand

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Kathy has been gifted since birth and has memories from 8 months old. She was unaware of what her gifts meant. Kathy knew that most of the people she saw were her friends. They were known as her imaginary friends!

At the age of eight, she gave her first reading -prompted by her imaginary friends.

Further on her life, she noticed that she would start passing on messages to people she met. People were very surprised by her accuracy.

About ten years ago, Kathy discovered the reasons of her gifts and was again prompted by her guides (imaginary friends) to work full time in this field. She has never looked back….

Kathy is a psychic medium, which means she is clairaudient (hears spirit), clairsentient (feels and senses spirit) and clairvoyant (sees spirit), she also is an accomplished spiritual healer.


Arrange 6 or more people and Kathy can come to you to do a workshop.

A workshop usually goes for 3-4 hours.  Kathy will teach beginners how to cleanse, protection, meditation to meet your guides, about communicating with your guides, healing, how to do a clairvoyant reading and more…Min 6 required.

Reading Party

Kathy will come to your place or location to do private readings for you and your friends. Great fun for Hen’s nights or girlie get together. 20 or 30 minute readings available…Min 6 required.

Audience Style Reading Party

Kathy will come to your place or location to spend an hour or more (depending on size of audience) to give messages to the audience from their loved ones or guides and answer questions…Min 8 required.

This option is also very good for Fundraisers.

Ghost hunts

Kathy started ghost hunting about 10 years ago. She along with others has done ghost hunts in Wellington, Napier, Wairarapa, Tararua area, Invercargill, Mossburn to name a few.

She has been able to capture in photos, proof of ghosts and orbs.

On a ghost hunt, Kathy uses her medium ability to connect with spirits of the haunted location, she asks them to step forward to give proof of their existence, this can be done by table tipping, touches, noises, appearing, cold spots etc… She has equipment from USA for the group to use, such as evp, emf and a special thermometer.

Kathy takes a realistic, down to earth view when ghost hunting and will look for the most logical reason for a noise, orb etc. Great team building and Social Club events or for those who just wish to experience the supernatural. Kathy can recommend some very good venues for Ghost Hunts or if you have a venue in mind let us know.

"I attended your show recently in Gisborne. I must admit I was quite sceptical about you at first, even though I had heard you once on the radio. I want to apologise for evening doubting your abilities, you blew me away when you came to me and brought my gran through. Thank you so much. "
Maria Henderson
"I think its really good what you do and by telling us about funny things that have happened with readings and that, it made it not so scary. I would never have gone to a clairvoyant privately but now I’m not so scared. I thought they would tell you about when you die and stuff… but now I know more of what it’s about. I want to get an email reading from you soon as I need direction in my life."
Paula Jones
"When I came to your show, I never thought you would choose me out of so many people. So it was a wonderful surprise when you came to me, bringing through my daughter who passed away only in December, the messages were so clear and we both laughed as you even starting using your hands and your body moved like her. I used to have days where I wanted to die but after the show, I finally felt like I could live again, I don’t feel guilty at laughing and enjoying my life, because I know that Samantha is there with me, laughing with me and telling her mum to get out of bed and enjoy life. My heart felt thanks, you are so gifted and I feel blessed to have met you."
Maureen Shadbolt

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