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Catherine de Vrye
Professional Speaker in Business/Marketing, Sales/Customer Service and Team building.
Based Sydney, New South Wales )NSW) Australia
Available locally and internationally.
For bookings contact:
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Catherine is the author of the #1 best seller, ’Good Service is Good Business’ and other top selling titles. Every presentation customised to YOUR needs!

Select a mixture of messages from any of Catherine’s most frequently requested presentations:
Good Service is Good Business
From the #1 best seller of the same name, & ‘The Customer Service Zoo’, you’ll learn how to:
• Boost your bottom line without increasing cost
• Use service to differentiate you from your competition & gain market share
• Increase brand loyalty by turning complaints into opportunities
• Combine the high tech and high touch for top results
• Create Customers for life….and a life for yourself

Conquering the Challenge of Change
Incorporating material from best selling, ‘Hot Lemon & Honey…Reflections for Success in Times of Change’, with jacket endorsements from Sir Edmund Hillary & Jack Canfield, you’ll appreciate that:
• Change is inevitable. Learning from change is optional
• The 7 most expensive words in business are…’We have always done it that way’
• Success today doesn’t equal success tomorrow so avoid complacency
• Winners become victors from change-rather than victims of change
• As expectations change, differentiate between adding value or adding cost

Success - Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
An inspirational personal story, which can be applied to our working lives. From early days in an orphanage in Canada-to an education in the USA-to an international career with IBM in Japan, the Australian Executive Woman of the Year outlines:
• We can’t always control circumstances but we can always control our attitude 
• Focus on what you can do rather than waste energy on what you can’t do
• Focus on the positive to produce professional and personal success 
Incorporating analogies from cycling over the Andes and climbing mount Kilimanjaro, participants are reminded not to make mountains out of molehills.

Participants will leave all sessions feeling better about themselves and their organization. Her humorous approach to presenting serious content has earned repeat business on 5 continents.

AMERICAN EXPRESS: ‘Tremendous contribution to our business…part of our success is due to your involvement’’

3M: ‘Motivational, uplifting and fun!-couldn’t have had a more inspiring keynote speaker!’

WESTPAC FINANCIAL SERVICES: ‘You sowed the seed of change... The quality program developed from these beginnings will result in a 40-50% improvement in productivity.’

COCA-COLA SOUTH PACIFIC: ‘Excellent...obvious she had researched our company...would use again.’

IBM: ‘Didn't realise learning could be so much fun. Best presentation I've ever seen at IBM.’

AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ‘Participants enjoyed the session. But, even better, they felt what they learned would be useful in their own job’

BAXTER HEALTH CARE ‘Dynamic presentation-your content, style and enthusiasm were wonderfully in keeping with our organisation's philosophy and mission statement.’

BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF REMOVERS ‘Came top in evaluations…best thing since sliced bread…had audience in the palm of her hand…great message, a joy to work with and wonderfully normal.’

BUNNINGS BUILDING SUPPLIES & HARDWARE ‘Spoke to a mixed audience ranging from junior staff to senior executives...all walked away inspired. We will work together again.’

CLARICA INSURANCE ‘Received a well earned standing ovation from the 1,000+ audience..made my job easier.’

COMPUTER ASSOCIATES (comments from multiple presentations) ‘As evaluations show, our investment in having you speak was money well spent-most favourable audience response from any speaker in the history of the event.’

DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION & TRAINING ‘Entertaining and pertinent...you certainly gave us insights & tips for our strategy.’
EEMAIL ‘Exciting-not only informative, but real value which can be easily applied at work.’

ERNST & YOUNG ‘You gave our partner's conference a flying start and our client service objectives a great boost. Thanks also for autographing the books, as a handy reminder.’

GOLDWELL COSMETICS ‘An ideal opening conference speaker’-delivering with warmth, humour and relating to personal experiences.’

And more testimonials...

HODDER HEADLINE PUBLISHING ‘…spoke to a team who had just seen the company downsized. Her research insured the message was targeted and in context. 12 months later the team still quote her.’

IGA ‘Great entertainer as well as educator-worked well with audience.’ KWIK KOPY ‘We had such a great response to the breakfast, the accolades continue from customers in the form of additional orders-which is terrific. We experienced record months.’

LEND LEASE ‘Feedback from advisers in the field has been nothing short of remarkable-your motivational session left many re-thinking the way they add value & provide service.’

MERCEDES-BENZ ‘We had an all time record year and I’m confident you contributed to this.’

MICHAEL HILL JEWELLERS ‘You were able to motivate managers to achieve the best for themselves-and for us’

MONASH MT ELIZA BUSINESS SCHOOL ‘Great-it’s a relief to know your presentations are always so well received.’ br>
NEW ZEALAND OLYMPIC FEDERATION ‘Felt such energy after your session, I've already put some ideas into practice.’

OPTUS TELECOMMUNICATIONS ‘Great person to have as a last speaker. She gave our delegates the gift of high spirits to leave the conference with.’

PACIFIC POWER ‘Your enthusiastic and entertaining delivery was enjoyed by all and promoted the development of many ideas for improvements.’

PERMAIL ‘Excellent...even the cynics thought she was terrific!’

RAY WHITE REAL ESTATE ‘It is indeed rare to find a guest speaker so "in tune" with our philosophies. It was an absolute joy to have a speaker of your calibre upholding our core beliefs.’

ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE ‘I doubt that we could have progressed as far as we have, or as quickly, without your involvement.’

SOLUS MEDICAL IMAGING...BUSINESS OF RADIOLOGY CONFERENCE ‘Your inspiring address, finely honed for our profession, was the best opening keynote we could have had...highest rated session of entire conference.’

WWORLD TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS ‘Inspiring messages, all providing motivation and direction.’

For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 +61 2 8006 4507