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Vegas Please Cover Band is available as either an 8 Piece with Horns and 2 Vocalists or 5 Piece Corporate Party Band. Ideal for Weddings, Conferences, After Dinner Dancing and Private Events.

Brisbane, Australia

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Vegas Please Band – Where Cutting Edge versus Old School, where Affordable Size is a Sizeable Sound, where Disco meets today, where Today is mixed with Tomorrow on a foundation of Yesterday!

Vegas Please is entertainment by professionals who perform day in day out; it’s our passion not hobby!

Vegas – The entertainment capital of the world! Some remember the Vegas of old with Lola the Showgirl however the modern day Vegas is a place where cutting edge performances happen daily with an array of the world’s best performers.

Please – A desire not an expectation to perform. We do it for the thrill and adrenaline that we receive from our unyielding jurisdiction of the dance floor. It’s not our weekend hobby, it’s our passion and full time vocation.

Cutting Edge – A band only evokes two senses in sight & sound however with these Vegas Please can successfully control your entire emotional state. With our vogue style and concert sound our small stage footprint creates a large impact to your successful event.

Old School – Technology changes the world, but sometimes nothing changes. The warmth of vinyl or speaking with a human creates a far better experience than the downloadable digital age! Ask a colleague if they would rather dance in front of a DJ pumping hits from a computer or watch the magic happen as five entertaining musicians interact with you, as they display and create their stagecraft. When it’s live you become part of the magic.

Affordable Size – With the current trend to save money Vegas Please have created an affordable size without compromise. With an understanding of budget constraints we have the perfect lineup of musicians who will cater to your needs.

Sizeable Sound – Impact comes from quality musicians meaning Vegas Please do not require backing tracks or take short cuts. Why hire musicians to play on top of a backing track that you could have downloaded from the internet? Spontaneity isn’t pre-recorded!

Disco meets Today – A great band is as much about its personnel as it is what they sell. Vegas Please has the savvy song list to create the winning dance experience to suit every generation.

Today – This Band mixes the best members from some of the most highly regarded party bands and top rated TV shows with a new wave of talent who all embrace new artistic material.

Tomorrow – With a futuristic edge, contrasted with a complete disregard for the rules, their hard work is your reward.

Yesterday – With a carefully structured musical soundscape based on accepted values, Vegas Please is the winning bet.

In a time when ‘something new’ is the scream for help from the event world, entertainment must keep up with constant innovation. Vegas Please will give you a “now” performance while also providing the quality assurances clients know and trust.

If you are looking for an escape from the ordinary and are prepared to blast through the ‘Nutbush’ wormhole in ‘Time Warp’ speed, then look no further than the talented crew of Vegas Please or sheer power of Vegas Please 12 Brisbane’s Largest Corporate Band.

Having a themed night?

Vegas Please have done them all Moulin Rouge, Casino Night, Country – You name it!

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"I just wanted to pass on a big thank you to the Vegas Please Band members for their set at our awards night on Saturday. They were entertaining, energetic and very popular and had the dance floor packed all night!"
Bronwyn McIntyre, Elders Real Estate
"Vegas Please Band rocked our event last week. Our collective clients were all delighted. They danced, they boogied and they celebrated the end of a very successful conference."
Andrew Gill, Director, Agent Creative
"Vegas Please were sensational and I can’t thank you enough for adding to the success of our event."
Debbie Hudson, Laminex Group

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